I am a new FFL dealer located in Pineville, Louisiana with one goal in mind and that is to sell you the firearm of your dreams at the lowest possible price. I started Center Mass Firearms not only for my love of the sport but I was tired of seeing big gun stores and gun shows screw the little guy. I am a home-based FFL dealer so you are guaranteed a low price, as I have virtually no overhead. I am connected with numerous wholesalers across the country so I will definitely shop around to find you the lowest price I can. Whether this is your first firearm or you are preparing for the apocalypse like myself, contact me anytime at brad@centermassgunshop.com or by visiting the FIND MY GUN page. Being that I work out of my home, I can easily accomodate after-work and evening sales.


Brad Duplechien, Owner of Center Mass Firearms

(318) 613-4755

108 Acadia Ln.

Pineville, LA 71360


Call, text or e-mail anytime, day or evening.